Planet of Koutenn

-> Introduction:
When being asked about why she made this legendary series, Nene said: "Who would ever want to know this??".

Koutenn is the nickname of one of Nene's friends who live in CutterZ and places other than on the Green Street (aka Far End of the Universe).
This is a series of games Nene made for these friends who she can only meet for several times a semester (You can never imagine how lazy Nene is).

"Kant never traveled in his whole life, but I visited CZ for like five times the last sem." Nene, lying on her bed, added.


=> Koutenn in LasVegas­čÄ▓:

>> (Scarne's Pig Dice) with PvP and PvC.
>> The intelligent player is set to have 3 levels of intelligence. 1->Plays the game according to the best approach found by a research about how to play this game. 2->Holds at 20. 3-> Plays randomly.

=> Koutenn Madness Returns

>> Yet another revised version of Pacman. Selection of 1 player and 2 players.
>> The intelligent player moves based on the A* algorithm.

=> Catch Koutenn

>> A simple chasing game, the player can select characters and each character has different attributes(see README) and the goal is to catch Koutenn.
*Game was built in Chinese.
>> The intelligent player runs away from the player when within a certain amount of distance. It moves towards the player when it is a certain distance away from the player. Otherwise it wanders around.

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